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Attention: Job Seekers (MOL Korea)
Jumat, 03 April 09 - by : Admin_BI

For those who want to work in Korea under the EPS, please note the following announcements.

1. ★★★ Illegal brokers are strictly prohibited from playing any role in the sending process under the EPS including the KTL application, test result, job application processes, etc.

o Under the EPS, no individual or agency can intervene other than the Ministry of Labor and the sending agency. Please pay extra attention not to be tempted into illegal activities of brokers.
* Please DO NOT be tempted by brokers who ask for money saying that they know test questions or they can process job application faster.

2. All questions for the KLT are selected from the question pool (1000 questions for reading and listening each) made by the HRD Korea. Thus, job seekers are advised to fully take advantage of the question pool.

o The question pool is available for downloading free of charge on the HRD Korea website. Also, the Ministry of Labor distributed the question pool to every sending country and some of sending countries are planning to print them out for sale.

* For the address of the HRD Korea, please find the following : http://www.eps.go.kr ⇒ "Costomer Center" (Click!) ⇒ "FAQ" (Click!) ⇒ ① No.1~No11 : Listening part, ② No.12~No.16 : Reading part, ③ No.17 : Guide

3. Timing of submitting job application is not related with the timing of job offers to be made

o Submitting a job application earlier than others does not mean that he/she will get a job earlier than others.

4. EPS is the system under which employers directly select workers on the job seekers roster. Thus, being registered on the job seekers roster itself does not guarantee an employment opportunity.

o Employers select workers taking into account job seekers' KLT score, experience, age, etc. (However, the name of job seeker is not shown on the roster to prevent the intervention of brokers.

5. Job seekers roster is valid for an year. In case it is expired due to unconcluded contract, job seekers can re-register within 2 year effective period of the EPS-KLT.
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